January 2022

  • Technology Resolutions for 2022
  • 5 Cybersecurity Trends To Watch In 2022
  • Our CEO Is A Published Author
  • Meet Jeremy!
  • PITG Holiday Party

December 2021

  • The Snow Filled The Magical Night...
  • Top Holiday Scams To Watch Out For This Holiday Season
  • Holly is Back!
  • We Love Our Interns
  • Meet Garrett

November 2021

  • Technology To Be Thankful For
  • Pegasus Spyware Group Blacklisted By The US Government
  • Our CEO Is A Published Author
  • Socktober Success!
  • Annual Halloween Costume Contest

Octorber 2021

  • 7 Spooky Scam Calls
  • Cyber Lessons: Arm Yourself With Knowledge To Stay Ahead Of The Game
  • Our CEO Is A Published Author
  • Socktober Is Here!
  • Three Cheers For 7 Years!

September 2021

  • Is Your Business Protected With Cyber Liability Insurance?
  • Nigerian Threat Actors Solicit Employees to
    Deploy Ransomware for Cut of Profits
  • Our CEO Is A Published Author
  • Happy Birthday Christopher!
  • Advantages To A Dog Friendly Workplace

August 2021

  • Tokyo’s Olympic Medals Are Made Entirely From Recycled Gadgets
  • Federal Cybersecurity Defenses Not Strong Enough to Protect American Data
  • Our CEO Is A Published Author
  • Happy Birthday Amy and Carter!!
  • Federal Cybersecurity Defenses - Continued

July 2021

  • Windows 11 - The Good, The Meh, The Ugly
  • Summer Scams AndHow To Avoid Them
  • Our CEO Is A Published Author
  • Why It’s Easy For Hackers To Hack
  • Sully on Vacation!

June 2021

  • Inside the Amazon Warehouse - Humans and Machines Working Together
  • Ransomware As A Service
  • Our CEO Is A Published Author
  • PITG Birthday Boys

May 2021

  • The Global Chip Shortage Is Starting To Have Major Real-world Consequences
  • US Passes Emergency Waiver Over Fuel Pipeline Cyber-attack
  • May The 4thBe With You
  • The Great American Cleanup

April 2021

  • New Cyberthreats Remind Us OfThe Need For Hyper-vigilance
  • What Is BusinessContinuity And WhyIs It Important?
  • Top Technology Trend for 2021 - Internet of Things (IoT)

March 2021

  • Just Because You’ve Been LUCKY EnoughTo Avoid A Cyber-Attck Doesn’t MeanYou’re Not At Risk
  • New Wearable DeviceTurns Your Body Into ABiological Battery
  • 7 Surprising Facts AboutSt. Patrick’s Day

February 2021

  • Valentine’s DayPhishing Attacks
  • 11 Tips ForDitchingDoomscrolling
  • If you use any of these Chrome extensions, delete them right now!

January 2021

  • Microsoft Says SolarWinds Hackers Accessed Some of Its Source Code
  • Adobe Flash Player is Finally Laid to Rest
  • PITG Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest

December 2020

  • The Snow Filled The Magical Night...
  • Top HolidayScams in 2020

  • Holly is Back!

November 2020

  • Backup and DistaterRecovery can helpyou feel verythankful indeed!
  • 5 Online Shopping Tips To Stay Safe This Holiday Season

  • Preferred IT Group’s Annual Halloween Costume Contest

October 2020

  • How Is Wearable Technology Changing Halloween?
  • Your Computer Network Is Being Haunted


September 2020

  • If it sems too good to be true, it's most likely a scam.

  • Why Your IT Disaster Recovery Plan Should Be A Top Priority


August 2020

  • Every kid is unique and it’s important to find out what works best for your child.

  • Why Your IT Disaster Recovery Plan Should Be A Top Priority


July 2020

  • SurveyMonkey Phishing Scam

  • Technology Trends ForThe Next Decade


June 2020

  • The History of Emojis

  • 6 Signs Your Computer is Infected With a Virus


April 2020

  • Five ways to thrive while working from home during the coronavirus pandemic

  • Coronavirus stimulus scams are here. How to identify these new online and text attacks


March 2020

  • Shark Tank Star Barbara Corcoran Loses Almost $400,000 in Email Scam

  • Coronavirus Scammers Are Seeking to Profit Off the Deadly Virus


February 2020

  • FBI Warns of New Online Threat to Personal Credit Card Information
  • Big Microsoft Data Breach 250 Million Records Exposed
  • Hackers Are Here! New Skills For A New Fight

January 2020

  • Proactively consider tools to detect anomalous behavior, automatically remidiate, and segment threats
  • Top Data Breaches of 2019
  • Hackers Are Here! New Skills For A New Fight

December 2019

  • Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!
  • Hackers Are Here! New Skills For A New Fight

November 2019

  • Why third-party remote access is the biggest security threat to networks
  • Attackers Hide Behind Trusted Domains, HTTPS
  • Hackers Are Here! New Skills For A New Fight

October 2019

  • Don’t Fall Victim To This Scam! They Count On You Acting Quickly Without Thinking It Through
  • Urgent Warning: Netflix Phishing Scam
  • Socktober is here and we need your help!

September 2019

  • Implementing An Effective Cybersecurity Strategy Is Critical
  • Multifactor Authentication And Why It Is So Important
  • Before The Breach: Hackers Are Here! New Skills For A New Fight

August 2019

  • Being A Hacker Is Almost A Dirty Word
  • Louisiana Declares State Of Emergecy After Ransomware Attack
  • Before The Breach: Hackers Are Here! New Skills For A New Fight

July 2019

  • Nsa Cybersecurity Advisory: Patch Remote Desktop On Legacy Versions Of Windows
  • Does Your Business Have A Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Before The Breach: Hackers Are Here! New Skills For A New Fight

June 2019

  • 5 Ways To Spot Fake Emails And Stay Safe
  • Spooked About Your Network’s Security?
  • Before The Breach: Hackers Are Here! New Skills For A New Fight

May 2019

  • 5G Then, Now, and Tomorrow

April 2019

  • Better to stay one step ahead with an MSP by your side.
  • Top Tips To Prevent Cybercriminals From Hacking Your Network

March 2019

  • Does Your Business Have a Disaster Recovery Plan?
  • 3 Ways Your Employees Will Invite Hackers Into Your Network

February 2019

  • Costs of Band-Aid Solutions
  • 9 Things Your Kid Can Teach You About Internet Security
  • Real Ransomware Statistics for 2019

January 2019

  • 3 Fatal Errors when Hiring Computer Support
  • 90 Ways to Be Better This Year
  • Tips for Staying Secure Against Ransomware

December 2018

  • The Importance of a Human Firewall
  • Cybercrime Refresher
  • The Dangers of Low Security Awareness

November 2018

  • Prevent Cyber Crime: What Not to Do
  • Does Your Business Have a Disaster Recovery Plan
  • 6 Office Security Tips

October 2018

  • Critical cloud computing facts
  • Lessons from the coach's playbook
  • Ransomware prevention tips

September 2018

  • Scary emails you should never open
  • Using social media like a pro
  • Types of cybercrime

August 2018

  • Preparing your small business for tornado season
  • Daily habits that are killing your work-life balance
  • A company policy on cybersecurity

July 2018

  • How to identify cyber threats and prevent them
  • Entrepreneurial advice to shorten the learning curve
  • 6 tricks to help avoid phishing attacks

June 2018

  • 3 IT investments you should never skimp on
  • 3 big business trends
  • Your data is safer in the cloud

May 2018

  • Is your cyberprotection up to date?
  • A brief history of internet security
  • Why is two-factor authentication important?

April 2018

  • What is a business continuity plan?
  • Keep your best employees from leaving
  • How your company's data is being leaked online

March 2018

  • The dangers of human error
  • Benefits of a hybrid cloud solution
  • Answer these questions about cybercrime

February 2018

  • Who's the biggest target for a cybercriminal?
  • 9 apps you should download today
  • Protect yourself from Spectre and Meltdown

January 2018

  • Don't hire inexperienced "professionals"
  • Run your meetings like a CEO
  • Prevent hackers from stealing your phone data