We Can Focus Our Time On Our Clients

Preferred IT Group does an excellent job of managing and maintaining my network and infrastructure. The most important thing to me is that everything just works. Whenever there is an issue, I know that Preferred IT Group will work to get it resolved quickly. They also handle any issues with my other vendors so that my employees can focus their time on our clients.

Steve Glaser Glaser & Ebbs

Always Listens To Our Needs

Give Preferred IT an opportunity to earn your business. They have a great sales staff and knowledgeable engineers. Preferred IT always listens to our needs and does a good job of recommending the products right for our students.

Josh Landis NorthWestern Consolidated Schools

Cost Effective Peace of Mind

Many firms tell you what they can do after you have a problem instead of how to prevent problems. They also seem to be very expensive. Preferred IT Group provides cost-effective peace of mind. Automated backups and external monitoring of each terminal help us focus on business instead of computer risk. Preferred IT has updated our network, installed automatic backups, and monitors each of our terminals – all within budget. They are a good fit for our small business.

DKM Embroidery, Ic.

Always Fixed So Fast

Our PITG team is awesome and we love them. Everything is always fixed so fast and they somehow make time to get a large number of big projects done. We are really lucky to have them.

Kris Musser Summit Re

We have been with Preferred IT Group since its start. There have been and are so many excellent benefits our firm has received since moving our IT over to Preferred IT Group, but if I could only pick one, I would have to say the quick response time to all our computer issues. Their response time to issues, customer service, IT knowledge, and quarterly reports tracking the firm’s progress rank higher than any other IT company I have worked with. Another great benefit is the knowledge that our company’s electronic data is safe and secure with 24/7 data monitoring for threats. If someone was on the fence with regards to choosing Preferred IT Group for their IT needs, I would say: If you want excellent customer service, easy access, reliability, knowledgeable staff and technicians, Preferred IT Group is the firm you can trust to handle all your IT needs. They are just a click or phone call away

Susie Neff Office Manager
Myers, Smith, Wallace, LLP

We Don't Have To Worry

The biggest benefit to Morsches Builders Mart since moving to Preferred IT group has been moving our server into the cloud. It is easy to maintain and we don’t have to worry about cleaning the server hardware. Preferred IT Group is knowledgeable of our systems and always has a quick response to our issues. The cost of the services is worth it for the service you receive.

Jeremy Hammel Morsches Builders Mart

Computer Problems Happen At The Worst Times - Preferred Is Quick And Responsive

The best part about working with Preferred IT Group is knowing that my system is set up properly, backed up and monitored remotely so that I can operate worry free. Preferred knows what is best for our unique application and is proactive in keeping things up to date and alerting me if something needs to be addressed. They are also patient and understanding of our technology ignorance!! Computer problems happen at the worst times - Preferred has always been quick and responsive when issues have come up.

Tara Hartman North Side Plumbing and Heating

Personal Attention To Finding The Right Solution

Since moving to Preferred IT Group, our downtime has dramatically reduced. The best part is their personal attention to finding solutions you need to help run your business. PITG does a great job, everyone on staff is friendly and displays a very helpful demeanor.

Clay Weir Weir Real Estate

The greatest benefit of having Preferred IT Group is the convenience of being one call or message away for any assistance. We've had quite a few technical issues this past year and they've always been able to help us out and get us taken care of. The two most important things that stand out to me are 1) response time and 2) ability to solve problems. Preferred IT has always done an exceptional job at both prioritizing customer service and satisfaction.

Mandi Krecik Property Manager
St. Joe Place Apartments

Preferred IT Group is extremely proactive with us. I really like how on top of it they are with the technology alignments and suggestions as to how we can better our technology. Their responsiveness to tickets is exceptional. I don’t feel we could get the same service elsewhere. For personalized service and quick responses, look no further than Preferred IT.

Daren Niemi The Sweeney Law Firm

I am not big enough to keep a professional IT person on my staff. By working with Preferred IT Group, this hasn’t been an issue. Preferred has felt like part of my team and helps keep my company running smoothly. The response times have exceeded my expectations when we have an issue that needs attention. I like the different IT skillsets that Preferred has on their team. They work together to solve issues quickly and keep us up and running. I like that my Microsoft account, phone system, and other IT related items are all managed by Preferred, as this keeps my time freed-up to work on growing the business versus handling technology. Preferred IT Group isn’t the “cheapest” IT firm in the area, but you get what you pay for. If you want a team that can professionally handle all your issues and keep you up and running securely, Preferred is well worth what you’ll pay them.

Jed Morris President
Gilpin Products, LLC.

Preferred IT Group offers a variety of services that businesses need to stay up to date on security, equipment, and data protection. They have excellent customer service, quick response times, superior support technicians, and a wide variety of services. The owner even came to our office and sat down with me to set up a secure system. I rest easy knowing that Preferred IT Group is doing everything possible to keep Farmers Mutual secure in the online world and to keep our data safe.

Shawn Troyer Farmers Mutual Insurance of Noble County.

The biggest benefit of having Preferred IT Group is my confidence in them to monitor, apply software updates, and fix any issues that arise. I had no confidence in past firms that software and hardware maintenance was done correctly. With Preferred IT I have less worries, and as a business owner this is huge. If you want worry-free IT support, call them NOW! –

Shaun M. Loveless D.D.S. Orchard Park Family Dentistry

The things that make Preferred IT Group great is their no-geek-speak commitment and how consistent the experience is working with their office. As a small business owner, it's the first time that I've felt like I have a whole IT department at my disposal who really care about my business results. Your office is small enough to give personalized service, but with a deep bench of experience delivering complex IT projects. Y'all get to know me, my business and what I'm trying to accomplish all before you make a recommendation. All issues are resolved with super-fast communication along with long-term solutions aimed to truly solve the issue (no band aids over gunshot wounds).

Catherine Meyer COO
Unboxed Advisors, LLC

When working with MSPs, trust and reliability is first and foremost. Preferred IT Group has been constant and reliable in earning Faztek’s trust. This trust has allowed Faztek to focus on our business goals and not be sidetracked by technological issues. The biggest complaint I hear from fellow System Administrators is the lack of consistency and reliability. PITG has continued to prove themselves both in the small things and the big things. The ability to have a “second set of eyes” and/or options locally has been valuable in helping us to maximize our technology.

Rob Place Systems Administrator
Faztek Industrial Solutions

Having a qualified IT company like Preferred IT Group to help resolve or troubleshoot Issues in a timely manner is very important. Their communication and follow-up is something they excel at. Why take away from running and growing your business to resolve issues that you don't specialize in, let them do it for you.

Lisa Hunsche Office Manager
Hunsche CPA Group

Preferred IT Group's depth in technical expertise along with their proactive and responsive approach to providing our IT support are the biggest benefits we have experienced since moving to their services.

Greg Demars President
Summit Re.

Preferred IT Group is by far the best IT company we have worked with since I started at the credit union in 2004. They’ve helped us improve our Security Alignment score to a consistent 97-99 / 100 score. They speak my language; they explain things so that a non-IT person can understand. They respond quickly. PITG provides us with insightful reports on a monthly, and quarterly basis including tracking our equipment readiness, warranty expiration, and other hardware related items as well as how the security they have in place has protected our business and networks. They help us write policies and maintain our disaster recovery – business continuity plans. They provide us with training to help us all do a better job of protecting our own network. The costs are so worth what we receive from Preferred. They are a very dedicated team, always willing to go the extra steps to make sure we are taken care of and do it all while being kind, friendly, and without being critical or judgmental. And the best part is…. they get results! Our audits, assessments, and exams have all been clean and issue free. I sleep better at night knowing Preferred IT is on our side.

Carolyn Mikesell President
Public Service Credit Union