Smartphones have previously been pretty safe from malware type viruses that can infect and destroy our personal computers. It seems, at least for Android devices, that time is over.

There is a new malware virus called HummingBad which has infected millions of Android devices around the world. Most of the infected devices are in China, India, and other Asian countries, but several hundred thousand devices have been infected in America as well. That number will only continue to grow.

The virus works by generating fake advertisements that could potentially download unauthorized applications. Each of these clicks gives the viruses’ creators (a Beijing based company called Yingmob) cash, and they’ve been raking in about $300,000 a month.

How do you know if your device has been infected with HummingBad or any other virus? First, check your applications. Are there strange apps you don’t remember downloading? That’s a red flag. Next, check your data. Are you using more than you think you should be? You can verify your data usage by application under your settings. If you really want to be sure, you can download anti-virus apps like Kapersky Lab’s Internet Security. It will let you know if you’ve got any viruses and can help protect you against future infections.

If you find your device has been infected, the only way to remove HummingBad is by wiping your phone or tablet and doing a factory reset. This, unfortunately, means you will lose files like photos and music (so keeping a backup of these files on your Google Drive account or your personal computer is important).

To prevent infections like these, use the same safety measures you take on your computer. Don’t click on strange links on websites you don’t trust. Don’t download applications unless from a verified source like the Google Play store (even then, it’s a good idea to check the reviews to ensure you aren’t downloading something fishy). Last, but not least, install an anti-virus application on your device. These apps aren’t fool proof, but they’re better than nothing.