VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a cloud based phone system that has been sweeping the small business market. Is this type of phone system right for your business, too? In most cases, the switch to a VoIP phone system is simple and painless. If you have a managed service provider, the changeover from your traditional phone system will take no effort from you at all.

What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol is an alternative way to make phone calls. Instead of using your regular analog phone system, a VoIP phone connects directly into your router to turn phone signals into digital signals that can be sent over the Internet.

VoIP phones have a much wider functionality than regular analog phones, like unlimited local and long distance calls, real-time monitoring of user statuses and calls, and simple online administration. Some things, like 3-way calling, caller ID, and cell phone transfers are options you may currently have (for an extra fee) with your regular phone provider, but are standard features built into the VoIP phone. Plus, with a VoIP phone, you can take your phone with you (to your home or during travel) and use it wherever a high speed Internet connection is available.

What do you need?

Since VoIP phones require the Internet to function, it is important that you have access to reliable, high-speed internet connection. If your Internet connection is spotty, or frequently goes out, a VoIP phone system may not be right for you. Additionally, you will need specialized phones for the system to work seamlessly.

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