Fort Wayne is known for amazing restaurants, but don’t forget about the little guys! We’ve got an ever-growing fleet of food trucks for you to explore, too. Food trucks are growing in popularity, and Fort Wayne has jumped on the bandwagon to take advantage of the unique business structure that can travel to the hungry masses, wherever they are located.

The PITG favorite is definitely Bravas (although we typically visit their standalone restaurant more often than their food truck). Bravas is famous for their specialty hot dogs and fried potatoes. They are usually found during the week on the Plaza (downtown, Freimann Square), and at the Brass Rail on weekend nights.

Another local favorite, Vietnummy, has fantastic grilled bánh mi and tacos. The Vietnamese fusion flavors won’t disappoint! These guys are a little harder to find, but on Thursdays they join Bravas at Downtown’s Lunch on the Plaza, and at Ted’s Market later that evening.

Sol Kitchen serves up quesadillas and tacos with all kinds of fresh ingredients and meats ranging from beef to pork to jumbo shrimp. They’ve even got a breakfast menu for their brunches at Two EE’s Winery. Sol Kitchen is all over Fort Wayne, serving at Lunch on the Plaza on Thursdays, and weekend events at Barr Street Market and Two EE’s.

If you’re looking for something a little more exotic, you can try Affiné Food Truck. They’ve got Vietnamese tacos with fillings like duck leg, fried tilapia, and smoked chicken. All of their meats are bought locally from Gunthorp Farms in LaGrange. They can be found Downtown most days, and working the bar scene on weekend nights.

For all of these food trucks in one place (and many, many more), you can go to Lunch on the Plaza on Thursdays at Freimann Square or Food Truck Fridays at the Girl Scouts of Northern Indiana-Michiana behind Dupont Hospital.  On the weekends, Two EE’s Winery hosts Uncorked, where local bands play live music and food trucks serve great food. The wine tasting isn’t bad, either!