Let's face it, in today's world we would be lost without our smartphones or tablets. So why not take advantage of these devices and find business applications to help us in our daily tasks? Not only will these applications help to increase productivity, but will also help continue to keep your business connected. I sifted through application after application and picked 10 business applications I believe to be the most useful.


Application Description Price
1 CloudOn Create and edit fully compatible Microsoft Office documents. Available on Android and iOS. $Free
2 LinkedIn Keep connected through the largest business social network. Find employment opportunities, track job applications, and connect with leaders in your industry. Available on Android, Blackberry and iOS. $Free
3 Skype Video or text and even send photos, perfect for international travel. Available on Android, Blackberry and iOS. $Free
4 Evernote Take notes, clip web pages, take audio notes, create to-do lists, and scan business cards, all to share with coworkers. Available on Android, Blackberry, iOS. $Free
5 LogMeIn Tap into your Mac or PC from your smartphone. Available on Android and iOS. $Free / $29.99
6 Mileage Tracker Automatically tracks your reimbursable mileage. Available on Android. $2.99
7 Audio Memos Turns your smartphone into an audio recorder. Record meetings and voice notes, then send by email. Available on Android and iOS. $0.99
8 CamScanner Turns your phone into a scanner, get organized without all of the paper. Available on Android and iOS. $Free
9 Hootsuite The perfect app if you are in charge of social media for your job. This allows you to handle multiple social media accounts from one place. Available on Android and iOS. $Free
10 Bizzabo The perfect app when attending a conference. Be sure the organizer is using the application, and find business contacts at the event, connect with them via LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook. Available on Android and iOS. $Free