People are a critical layer within
the fabric of our security programs.

Your employees are your last line of defense, but many users are unaware of the internet dangers. They can often get tricked by social engineering to click on malicious links in phishing emails or to open an email attachment they didn't ask for. Employees also believe that their anti-virus has them covered, but it can take 24 hours or more for the anti-virus software company to create a block for a brand new attack.

Today, essential, compliant security includes reliable backups, business-grade firewall, frequent testing, and security awareness training. Train your employees to become a human firewall.

Baseline Testing. The security awareness training begins with a baseline test to assess the Phish-Prone percentage of your employees through a simulated phishing attack. This test will allow us to tailor security awareness training to fit your needs and the needs of your employees.

Train Your Employees. With interactive and engaging training courses, we use our security awareness training to highlight common traps. Scenario based Danger Zone exercises educate your employees with real-life situations.

Simulated Phishing. Continued education is very important, especially in the world of internet security. We can conduct fully automated simulated phishing attacks on a regular basis to keep your employees aware of their surroundings.

See the Results. With enterprise-strength reporting, we can provide you with the stats and graphs for both the simulated phishing attacks and the training results. Know where your employees' weak points are so that you can educate accordingly.

Small businesses are the biggest target for cyber threats. Because small businesses are less likely to be secure than a large corporation, hackers can steal a ton of money by infiltrating hundreds of small businesses at once. The can use the data and information they find and use it to commit fraud and identity theft, or they can sell it on the dark web for other cybercriminals to corrupt.  This is why security awareness training is so important. Know the threats, take practical precautions, and have a recovery plan in place. Cybercriminals are always one step ahead of security measures -- we have to adapt and stay educated.