Have you heard of the CIA Triad? Are you still confused about exactly what it is? If so, you aren’t alone. The CIA Triad is a well-known, venerable model for the development of security policies used in identifying problem areas, along with necessary solutions in the arena of information security.

Businesses of all sizes rely on their computer networks to run their day to day operations. These businesses must ensure that their systems are reliable and secure in order to deliver their products and services to their customers. How does a manager or business owner begin to analyze the risk and the cost associated with protecting their networks, data, and systems? Start with the three goals of cyber security.

The CIA Triad refers to the 3 goals of cyber security Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability of the organizations systems, network and data.

  1. Confidentiality – Keeping sensitive information private. Encryption services can protect your data at rest or in transit and prevent unauthorized access to protected data.
  2. Integrity – is the consistency of data, networks, and systems. This includes mitigation and proactive measures to restrict unapproved changes, while also having the ability to recover data that has been lost or compromised.
  3. Availability – refers to authorized users that can freely access the systems, networks, and data needed to perform their daily tasks. Resolving hardware and software conflicts, along with regular maintenance is crucial to keep systems up and available.

How do you use the CIA Triad? When you get a new application or service, ask if this will affect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the data it touches. Focus on one leg of the triad at a time.

Understanding the CIA triad will help you get started on your journey into cyber security. Preferred IT Group’s PreferredCARE plans can help you align your business with the CIA triad. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.