Small Business Saturday is just around the corner.

Your local businesses are the core of your community. Men and women just like you who wish to share their passion with the community. You won’t see more care, more effort, or better service than what you get from your neighbors. Instead of working for a corporate entity, local business owners work for you. Their products are made with you in mind. Instead of trying to serve the entire country like a big box store, they can craft their product to fit the needs of their customers specifically.

Even better, these owners are your neighbors and your friends. They can be found picking up trash or planting trees; they’re found at PTA meetings; they’re jumping to their feet next to you at a high school football game. Serving their community and caring for their customers are far more important than their bottom line.

Here are 9 ways small businesses are sweeter than Christmas morning:

  1. Local first. Your tax dollars stay local and you'll create jobs in your community.

  2. Booming business. 28 million small businesses in America account for 54% of US sales.

  3. Create an identity. When we shop local, we improve our communities and neighborhood with local uniqueness, diversity.

  4. Giving back. Small businesses are more likely to give back to the community in charity drives, sponsorships, or community hubs. An average of 48% of sales at small businesses is recirculated locally versus 14% at chain stores.

  5. More personal. A hands-on experience means better customer service. They’re masters of their craft which makes them very knowledgeable. You know they’ll take the time with you to get things right.

  6. Friendly competition. When multiple small businesses exist in similar niches, they work harder to be innovative or have better service. This creates a healthy marketplace. When you shop local, you’re creating more choice for yourself.

  7. Better quality. Products made with care and passion are always going to be better quality than what you can buy at IKEA. The table you buy from a local carpenter is built to last generations.

  8. Lower taxes. By shopping local, you’re keeping the money in your community. That tax money fixes roads, updates schools, and support first responders. That eventually means your personal taxes will be less.

  9. Healthier you. A walkable shopping and dining area mean less vehicle traffic, more exercising, and more activity in general.