Everyone feels stressed sometimes, especially at work. We’ve written an article about how to reduce stress while at work, but often that’s just not enough to help all day long. 54% of Americans are worried about their stress levels affecting their daily lives, and that worry can make us even more stressed. Here are quick and easy ways you can reduce your stress levels and get on with your day, whether you’re at home, at work, or anywhere else. Something on this list will be perfect for you.




  1. Take ten deep breaths in a row.
  2. Meditate for fifteen minutes.
  3. Listen to music.
  4. Do some light yoga.
  5. Drink a cup of tea.
  6. Light a candle.
  7. Take a short walk.
  8. Hang out with your pet.
  9. Kiss your significant other.
  10. Keep a journal.
  11. Get a massage.
  12. Do a guided visualization meditation.
  13. Hug someone.
  14. Chew gum.
  15. Take a nap.
  16. Eat some dark chocolate.
  17. Count backward from 100.
  18. Use essential oils like lavender for some aromatherapy.
  19. Try self-hypnosis.
  20. Rub your foot over a golf ball for a foot massage.
  21. Run your hands and wrists under cold water.
  22. Give acupressure a try.
  23. Brush your hair repeatedly - about 100 strokes.
  24. Squeeze a stress ball.
  25. Look out the window.
  26. Reorganize your desk.
  27. Stretch.
  28. Do a Sudoku puzzle.
  29. Smell brewing coffee.
  30. Laugh.
  31. Text or call a friend.
  32. Take a bath.
  33. Eat something crunchy (chips, celery, or even trail mix).
  34. Watch cat videos on YouTube.
  35. Do a crossword.
  36. Prep for tomorrow.
  37. Repeat a word like ‘calm’ or ‘relax’ over and over.
  38. Go swimming.
  39. Brain dump your worries and problems onto paper.
  40. Wake up 15 minutes earlier.
  41. Delegate tasks.
  42. Reorganize your desk.
  43. Watch an episode of your favorite TV show on Netflix.
  44. Try a new hobby.
  45. Join a book club.
  46. Cuddle with your children, spouse, or pet.
  47. Do one thing at a time.
  48. Read a chapter in a book.
  49. Go someplace new.
  50. Disconnect from technology for a few hours.

We hope these 50 tips to reduce your stress levels help you out! Let us know in the comments if you have some tried and true methods to help you relax. We’d love to hear them.