Skully Motorcycle Helmet
This sleek looking helmet is loaded with modern features that put the user’s focus on safety. The helmet has a fog, scratch, and glare resistant visor with a Heads-Up Display. This display is used for two main purposes: audio/visual GPS navigation and the 180 degree rearview camera. The camera allows for motorcyclists to keep an eye on their blindspots, and help eliminate traffic accidents. Plus, the helmet allows for helmet-to-helmet communication, and will even connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth for phone calls and music streaming. The cost is $1,500, but for everything you’re getting, it’s not a bad price.

SMS Audio BioSport Earbuds
These neat little earbuds are a relatively new product on the market which will undoubtedly sprout similar options in the coming years. If you’re looking to trim down on the gear you bring along with you on your workouts, these earbuds are perfect for you. The headphones produce great sounding music (for most genres--some users report that country music sounds a bit muddy), and record your heartrate at the same time. The headphones use your cell phone’s battery, which means you don’t need to remember to charge them like similar earbuds on the market. They cost $149, which is a bit pricey for headphones, but overall a good product.

Apple Watch
Compatitble with iPhone 5 and up, this smartwatch is fully customizable with many different options of materials, colors, sizes, and bands available. Like with all smartwatches, the Apple Watch connects to your cell phone to keep tabs on your phone calls, texts, and other notifications. It can also count steps, calories burned, and heart rate. You have access to thousands of apps, but our favorite is the “Find My iPhone” app which allows you to locate your lost phone via your watch. It’s pricey, starting at $349 and increasing quickly the more you try to customize the look, but if you’ve got the money it’s a great addition to your iPhone.

This device is a band worn around the upper calf to provide consistent relief of chronic pain. It’s designed to look just like a regular leg band—it secures with the typical Velcro, and fits comfortably. Quell uses electrodes (which need to be replaced every couple of weeks) that send impulses through the nerves to block pain signals from reaching the brain. Similar types of neurostimulants are used by therapists and doctors alike, but this is the first band approved by the FDA to be worn overnight (although some reviewers claim it distracts them from sleep). Because it is worn around the calf, its best used for lower-body pain (lower back, knees, etc.). The closer the band is to the pain, the easier it is for the band to work. It costs $249, but is not covered under insurance policies since it is available over the counter. Please speak with your doctor before using this product.

Fossil Q Founder
The classiest looking smartwatch for Android phones is the Fossil Q Founder, which looks like an actual watch versus the chunky, square Apple Watch or Sony SmartWatch 3. Like other smartwatches, the Founder utilizes Android apps, connects to your cell phone via Bluetooth to let you know when you’re receiving a call, and can read emails and texts (it’s still easier to do on a cell phone because of the larger screen). It has a decent battery life, and even with extra use, it will last you until the end of the day without any trouble. It’s cheaper than the Apple Watch at $249, but still on the pricier end of available Android Wear.