Rogers Electro-Matics is an electronic controls manufacturer in Syracuse, IN and has been one of Preferred IT Group’s clients since 2013. Recently, we upgraded Rogers’ backup solution to a Datto SIRIS enterprise device. Since their server was getting old, we also suggested a new one. At first, Rogers Electro-Matics didn’t want to upgrade. Their Dell server held a legacy application that wouldn’t run on newer Windows servers.

Thankfully, they trusted the team at Preferred IT Group and ordered new server hardware. Shortly after we upgraded the team at Rogers Electro-Matics to their new Datto backup, their Dell server failed. This was especially disastrous for Rogers, because their files determine their production for the day. Without these files (which provide blueprints for the circuit boards they construct), they cannot create their products.

Luckily, since the SIRIS was in place, Preferred IT Group was able to use the Instant Virtualization feature to keep them from experiencing any downtime. We were able to spin up their latest backup from their old server and run it from the SIRIS. Rogers Electro-Matics ran on the SIRIS for nearly a month before the new server came in, as some of the parts were being shipped internationally.

Business carried on as usual at Rogers: “When our Dell server’s Raid card went down, Preferred IT moved our server functions over to the Datto SIRIS hardware. In a very short time we were back up and running on the Datto. In fact, our office applications ran faster on the Datto than they did on our old hardware,” explained Bob Haller, co-founder.

When the new server hardware came in, Preferred IT was able to install it right away. Rogers Electro-Matics uses their Datto SIRIS device strictly for backups now, but as Haller stated, “It is a real comfort to know that, in the event of a server crash, the Datto can run as a temporary virtual server and keep us up and running.”

Jason Horne, the co-founder of Preferred IT Group reminds us that “most customers have no idea how much downtime they can afford until they experience an outage.” Proper backup systems and a disaster recovery plan are vital when it comes to keeping your business on track.

The moral of this story is don’t wait until it’s too late. Plan ahead and speak with your managed service provider.