Preferred IT Group’s March Madness brackets are looking dismal. How about yours?

March Madness is certainly living up to its name this year, with major upsets, double overtimes, and old rivalries back in action. With all the mayhem of these upsets, our brackets aren’t looking too good.

Michigan State was a huge upset to our competition, as everyone but two employees had Michigan State winning the National Championship. Michigan State lost to the 15 seed team of Middle Tennessee in the first round. Middle Tennessee had some impressive shots including a reverse layup and a dunk in the second half.

An upset that ended in double overtime was the Purdue game against Arkansas-Little Rock. Purdue being the number five seed was the favorite to win on all of our brackets against the number twelve seed Arkansas-Little Rock. Twenty-five points were scored due to Purdue turnovers, including a whopping 10 turnovers in the last 5 minutes of regulation.

A rivalry that goes back to the very beginning, University of Kentucky versus Indiana University. While most of you reading this are probably Hoosiers, UK losing was a big upset to another employee bracket, who had UK going all the way to the end. This is first time IU has beat UK in a NCAA tournament game in 43 years.

There is still a chance for one employee to take home the prize if Kansas can make it to the end. With the first round upsets and the exciting match ups to come, no wonder they call it March Madness.