At Preferred IT Group, we offer proactive managed services. What does this mean? Well, we take the preventative approach to MSP care for our clients to ensure that their systems and network are fully functioning. By partnering with trusted vendors, we are able to monitor our clients’ networks and systems so that we are informed immediately when there is an issue. In addition, we run monthly maintenance and checks on our clients’ systems in order to predict and prevent most issues before they turn into a major problem for our client.

Most MSPs that provide a proactive approach will monitor or provide preventative maintenance on the following:

  •          Server Event Logs
  •          Firewall Activity
  •          Backup Statuses
  •          Updates and Patches

In plain terms, with proactive services like these, we are informed when a clients’ network is down, when their backup systems have failed or are running out of space, and when their systems need an update to continue functioning at their best. This means we can usually fix a problem before the client even knows there is one to fix.

While Preferred IT also offers reactive service for those times when there is an unpreventable or unexpected issue, our proactive managed services improve our clients’ productivity, boost the reliability of their systems, and save money in the mean-time. By monitoring the systems, we are able to catch small issues before they become problems that require extensive, and expensive, labor hours. Proactive services require a flat-rate instead of the break/fix billable hours of reactive services. In the end, this is a much better value that provides more stability and reliability for you.