If you follow us on social media, you are already well informed of the fun we have been having this holiday season with our very own elf, Holly. We wanted to create our own office fun this year, so we thought we would participate in the elf on the shelf craze. Since it has been a little unclear what the official story is behind these pesky elves around our office, I thought I would share with everyone the real story behind “the elf on the shelf.” 

                "The Elf on the Shelf" was created in 2005 by, Carol Aebersold and Chanda Bell, this mother daughter duo have created a fun tradition for families to enjoy year after year. At the start of Advent the elf acts as Santa’s spy to make sure their new family belongs on the “nice” list. After a family adopts the elf the very first thing they need to do is name them. The name gives the elf its Christmas magic and the ability to fly back to the North Pole each night and tell Santa all about the kid’s behaviors that day. Every morning until Christmas, the elf returns to its family and strategically places itself in a different place to observe the kids behavior. There is one very important rule to abide by,a child must NEVER touch the elf, or he or she will lose its holiday magic. Never underestimate the power of Christmas, you never know who is watching!

                Our elf Holly, has been our office mascot for the duration of the holiday season. We will be sad to see her go on December 26, but will be very happy to keep the tradition alive next year.  Needless to say we have had a lot of fun with our new holiday office ritual. We are happy to report that we all made it on the “nice” list this year. If your family or office has taken part in “the Elf on the Shelf” tradition, we would love to see what kind of mischief your elf got into this year, email us your favorite elf pictures at news@preferreditgroup.com. We will share our favorites on our Facebook page!