Do you own a small business? Did you know your business is a main target for hackers? Hackers find small businesses vulnerable and are looking for any way to get into your systems and steal bank data or credit cards.  

Many owners look past securing their data because they don’t think they are a target, and also because of the price tag. Of course there is always concern when it comes to money. For a small up and coming business, there is little money left over for system security after other expenses. Costs related to computer and website attacks can cost anywhere from thousands to millions of dollars for a small company. Good news there are preventative solutions you can take and not all of them cost a pretty penny.

  • Secure your email by using an email provider with proper security systems.
  • Use a service that helps eliminate fraudulent credit card transactions.
  • Make sure everyone on your staff does not use the same password on multiple accounts. Also alert your staff about the risks of following links in emails, even if they appear to be secure.
  • Get a security audit – Which is a first step in getting your business on the right track to become hacker-proof.

Want to protect your business from hackers?