Passwords are the first line of defense against any unauthorized access into your personal computer. Creating a strong password is crucial in order to stay away from scammers and hackers. If a hacker gets an encrypted copy of a password, they can eventually break it down and attack your system. Most users understand the significance of security risks related to simple passwords, but users get annoyed spending time on creating one. Here are a few tips to share with users creating a strong password.

Pick Passwords that are Easy to Remember, but Hard to Guess.

Numbers and symbols improve the password strength, but also make it difficult for users to remember. To avoid users from writing down passwords, suggest creating one that can be easily remembered such as favorite sports teams or hobbies. Here is an example: Gr33nB@yP@cK3rs12 or Play!ngF00tB@11, be sure that employees store their password securely if they choose to. With recent news of the Dropbox hacker scare, it is very important to never reuse a password; I repeat never reuse a password! Below are a list of do’s and don’ts to follow when creating your company’s password policy.

Recommended Not Recommended
Use at least three of the four character types: lowercase & uppercase letters, numbers and symbols. Never send a password via email or write down passwords. Never disclose passwords over the phone.
Minimum length- 8 charactersMaximum length – 14 characters Never include a password in a non-encrypted stored document.
Account lockout – 4 failed attempts. Avoid using part of your login name in your password.
Maximum password age – 60 days. Don’t use numbers easily remembered such as phone numbers and street addresses.
Enable Password protected screen savers, users should always access computer and lock it by using CTRL-ALT-DEL. Stay away from the “remember password” action in programs such as Internet Explorer or your email.


When users create a strong password, they are saving time from continuously resetting passwords and are receiving the benefits of a strong password policy. Keep employees educated on password policies and inform them of any rule changes. With a strong password policy in place, your company will feel safe and secure!

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