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Fort Wayne Food Trucks

Fort Wayne is known for amazing restaurants, but don’t forget about the little guys! We’ve got an ever-growing fleet of food trucks for you to explore, too. Food trucks are growing in popularity, and Fort Wayne has jumped on the ...

Targeted Advertising: How Facebook is Tracking You

You may have noticed that the sidebar on the right hand side of your Facebook page displays sponsored ads. You may also have noticed that the ads are strangely relevant to your life. That’s not a coincidence. Facebook knows exactly ...

Quick Security Tips for your Mobile Device

Protecting your data doesn't begin and end with your computer. It's important to focus on security with your mobile devices as well. Hackers are not limited to infiltrating computer systems, and it is getting easier for them to access your ...

BitCoin: How Your Money Gets Into A Hacker’s Pocket

Hackers are smart. They are adaptable, they are precise, and they are strategic. These traits, just like with any other businessman, make them successful at what they do. Unfortunately, what they do is take your money. Ransomware is quickly becoming ...

What does the Cloud Look Like?

The Cloud can be a confusing concept, especially because it’s a term that’s thrown around without much explanation. While we’ve discussed the very basics of the cloud and how it functions, it is beneficial to do more research before jumping ...

10 things you didn’t know about Fort Wayne

1. The Fred J Reynolds Historical Genealogy Department of Allen County Public Library (main branch) is the largest public genealogy department in North America. It has 350,000 printed volumes, and 513,000 items on microfilm and microfiche.

Experts in Business Continuity

Earlier this year, Preferred IT Group’s owner, Jason Horne, was asked to speak at a Datto conference in Portland on the importance of having a business continuity plan. Preferred IT Group partners with Datto to provide secure backup solutions for ...

Staying HIPAA Compliant in the Cloud

Keeping private patient information secure is a top priority for dental practices. Saving time and money is another. If you’re proactive with your choices, cloud computing can be a safe and effective option for your practice.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about the @ Symbol

While the @ symbol might date back to the 6th century as a symbol meant to be shorthand for the Latin ad (meaning “at”, “to”, or “toward”) it was first recorded in 1536 in a letter (pictured above) from an Italian ...

Is Your New Chip Card Really Secure?

What is a chip card? Chip cards are often referred to as EMV cards (which stands for Europay, MasterCard, and Visa). EMV is a technical standard for chip cards and the payment machines that accept them.  This standard requires the ...


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