Preferred IT Group was onsite at DattoCon16. It certainly did not disappoint! With hundreds of MSP’s and dozens of vendors on site it was primed to be successful and boy was it ever.

Austin McChord, Founder of Datto, presented his from Basement to Billions – History of Datto Inc keynote, and it was eye opening.  It’s motivating to see someone with nothing but drive, and succeed against the odds.

Tim Conkle from Cytracom was also a keynote speaker discussing the ins and outs of VoIP. More importantly he elaborated on the pitfalls to look for when choosing a VoIP provider.

Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder of Apple Computers gave a great Q&A session. It was truly inspirational to see someone still to this day with a profound love of technology and will to escalate its future.

Ian McChord, VP at Datto Inc, Did the annual “Disaster Demo”. This year was more relevant to everyday happenings than ever before. His demonstration was spot on as it showed how easily one can be infected with crypto-viruses. And how easy it can be remedied using a Datto disaster recovery solution.

After 3 days of speakers and breakout learning sessions it was time to unwind. Datto pulled out all the stops and rented out the world famous Wild Horse Saloon in downtown Nashville. They catered in some amazing food, arcades, line dancers, and of course true to Tennessee, moonshine tasting.

Datto is the premier business continuity and disaster recovery vendor for the SMB market, and Preferred IT Group, is proud to be a VIP Partner.