Manufacturing companies require consistency and speed, especially when it comes to their systems and network. If only one part of your process is interrupted or slow, you can lose business and money. Downtime is especially brutal, and complete technical failure is an absolute nightmare. Managed service providers (MSPs) can ensure that your network is efficient and secure. If you’re careful about the IT support team you choose, you can be sure that they will help to eliminate lag time and streamline your business.

Network Monitoring
Manufacturers often implement a complex network of systems that work together to keep the business running efficiently.  An MSP will be able to monitor your systems and network in real-time. A proactive maintenance strategy ensures that your business operations will run smoothly, resulting in increased productivity and decreased downtime. With 24/7 monitoring of all the vital components of your network (servers, PCs, firewalls, routers, etc.), your MSP will know immediately if your systems need attention. More often than not, the MSP will know before you do, and can fix the issue before it becomes a problem. The monitoring isn’t limited to the hardware, either. Your MSP will know ahead of time when your business applications need an update, or if you need to upgrade to the latest version of anti-virus software.

Cutting-Edge Industry Knowledge
Manufacturers need to use technology wisely if they want to be at their most productive and profitable. Since most manufacturing companies are heavily computerized, having an IT support team is more important than ever. An MSP worth their salt will be able to assist you in making informed decisions about the types of hardware and software that will improve your logistics. They will work with you to find a cost-effective way to engineer your network while ensuring you increase productivity and stay up-to-date. MSPs will work with vendors they trust to provide you with the materials you need to save you time and money.

Disaster Recovery Services
Perhaps the most important benefit of a managed service provider is the ability to have a plan in place in case of technical failure. Whether your server malfunctions, a hacker infiltrates your network, or your plant loses power, a good MSP will have a plan to protect your systems and your data. Frequent, consistent backups are absolutely crucial to maintaining your business. They are the single most important IT practice for any organization. By ensuring that your backups are happening on a regular basis, your MSP will be able to restore anything you lost. One option for total security is cloud virtualization of your backups and storage. Read more about whether this is a good fit for your company here.

Team of Professionals
MSP technicians provide quick responses and resolutions to your problems through remote and on-site support. Your company will have 24/7 access to these technicians, and someone will always be available to assist you. They can provide the expertise require to manage the computerized manufacturing infrastructure. Do you already have in-house IT support? That’s great! MSPs are prepared to work alongside any in-house technicians you may have, in addition to offering the kind of services that only an MSP can provide (like business continuity plans and network monitoring). Your MSP will be able to handle large-scale installations or upgrade projects that would be too much work for your in-house computer guy.