A couple months ago, we discussed the cloud and what it means. The cloud isn’t a brand new concept in the world of information technology, but it is relatively new when it comes to cloud for small businesses. For years, small businesses have been using on-site servers.  However, in nearly every aspect, a virtual, cloud-based service just makes more sense

So, why is a cloud server better for a small business than an on-site server?

  1. Lower Cost. This is the most important element when considering a switch from an on premise server to a cloud-based one, right? With an on-site server, you are responsible for the entire system. This means you have to pay for the high setup cost and the often variable maintenance costs. Plus, servers have lifespans, and must be replaced as often as every 3 years. All of this can make budgeting for your server a total nightmare. If you choose to replace your on-site server with a cloud-based one, you are no longer in charge of the costs of maintaining the hardware. That falls on the provider’s shoulders. Instead, you are left with a monthly fee that you can predict and plan for.
  2. Flexible.  You can pay as you grow. It is highly customizable, and you can choose the options that work best for your small business. You aren’t limited to the storage space that a physical server can give you.
  3. Accessible. It’s true—you do have to have an Internet connection to access your cloud server, but with this connection, your maneuverability is endless. You can connect from anywhere using any computer, tablet, or smartphone. This is especially wonderful for people who work from home or remote into the office frequently.
  4. Secure. Cloud servers have a great reputation for physical security if you choose the right services. They are stored in warehouse with maximum levels of security which involve security guards, constant video surveillance, and even biometric security like fingerprint scans. The warehouses are protected against fire, electrical outages, and floods. Your data couldn't be more secure.
  5. No Downtime. Because the cloud servers are backed up in several locations, you will always have access to your data provided you have consistent access to the Internet.  The provider that we use has three different locations for their servers. This means that even if one location is down, the other two are up and running. This minimizes data loss, and guarantees over 99.99% uptime.