Nothing is more exciting than Christmas morning for a child. Remembering our favorite holiday traditions and events has us feeling happy, fond, and nostalgic. After asking around, I have gathered some of the favorite Christmas gifts our team got as kids.

Unsurprisingly, most of the team remembers the techy gifts as their favorites. Our owner, Jason, for example, loved his Nintendo NES the most. It came with Super Mario and Duck Hunt. Carter, on the other hand, preferred the Sega Genesis he received. Gabbi’s favorites were her Furby, Tamagatchi, and Yamaha Synthesizer.

Not everyone treasured the electronic gifts. Courtney loved her classic children’s literature box set. Matt couldn’t get enough of his first Big Wheels. Mark built forts with the giant Construx he got for Christmas one year. 

Whatever the gift, it’s obvious that we all enjoyed our childhood Christmases. We know now that the true gift is spending time with family and friends, but we’ll never forget these special presents.

What was your favorite gift as a kid? Comment below or let us know on our Twitter or Facebook pages--I double dog dare ya.