Cloud storage is hugely beneficial to small business. It allows you to share large files that would otherwise be too big for email with your entire company. There are many cloud storage services, and most of them are free of charge. Some of the biggest ones are Google Drive, Box, and DropBox. However, using these services can be dangerous, and you may want to think of better options for your business to increase your internet security.

Recently, the security software company McAfee warned of the dangers of ransomware that could infect cloud storage services like DropBox. This malware could prevent you from being able to access the files you uploaded to DropBox, and it could even attempt to make you pay to get your files back.

Most cloud storage services are not as private as you’d like to think, either. This is due to a number of reasons, but in general, you should treat a service like DropBox as a mostly public domain. Be aware that whatever you place in DropBox could be seen by outsiders. DropBox is not compliant with HIPAA or PCI regulations, either, which could be an issue for some small businesses.

This is not to say that secure cloud storage and file sharing is impossible for small businesses. One example of a secure cloud storage service is Soonr, which is available for a fee. Do your research, contact your managed IT service provider, and look for options that will fit your needs.