Okay everyone, who wants to go sit for an hour and listen to someone present a product that you have absolutely no interest in? Those who know me well know that the thought of attending your average lunch and learn is like fingernails on a chalkboard. So it's funny that this year I decided to launch a series of lunch and learns.

I will be creating an environment that is centered on learning and not a sales pitch. We want to provide relevant content so that you can instantly have the ability to make changes that benefit your organization.

We hosted our first lunch and learn on February 12, 2015. The content was focused on business continuity and business recovery after a disastrous event. We reminded the participants that a disaster isn’t just a fire or tornado, but could be your employees deleting files. The number one cause of company downtime is human error. The FBI questioned a well known hacker on how they were able to comprise the existing security measures and he stated “At least one employee will click on anything.”
Here is what two of the attendee’s had to say about our Lunch and Learn:

“The information was well presented and provided great insight into business continuity planning.”
- Josh Klug, Systems Administrator PDQ/Impact CNC

“The presentation was eye opening and will make us look at what we are currently doing. The eBook will definitely make an impact on our business.”
- Brian McMeeking, President of ADMC Enterprises

So what are your next steps to creating a bullet proof business continuity plan?

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