It’s 6:00am. Year is 2025. You power up your hover board and put your new high tops on with power laces and head to work.  You grab a Pepsi Perfect and turn on your PC only to find all your data is encrypted.

This situation reminds me of a time not so long ago, before we had DeLoreans with flux capacitors capable of time travel. A time when hybrid cloud backups were the best way to restore all of your data. Let me tell you a story of how data was restored with cloud storage solutions.

The year was 2015, I was a helpdesk technician asked to trouble shoot a ticket for a frantic receptionist saying she had a problem. Her computer had locked up and a threatening message appeared on the screen. It read “FBI: your browser has been locked and you have 72 hours to pay $1000 in bitcoin or all of the data will be lost.” This particular infection is called “ransomware”, which is a menacing form of malware that gains access to your files and encrypts them until payment is received.

Nike_BTTF_shoes2Normally, I would have taken the machine back to my office and ran anti-malware tools.  If that didn’t work, then I would have reinstalled it from scratch. Unfortunately, this was no ordinary infection. Her computer was connected to the network and the ransomware was able to infect every server share that was connected to her computer.

Luckily, they took our recommendations and had previously invested in a Datto Hybrid Cloud Backup solution. I escalated the issue to our lead engineer who implemented their business continuity plan. In a single afternoon, their most important resources were restored.

Maybe you have not been putting a priority on your business continuity planning because you have a DeLorean with a flux capacitor. Maybe you have never experienced malware or a virus infection that crippled your computer network.

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