As a business owner, are you aware of how long your business can be without technology?

When I say “without technology”, I’m talking about the ability to access infrastructure that is critical to any part of your business processes. This could be data, applications, or hardware that, if not available, will stop you or your employees from getting work done. Every minute that your company is not operational, you are losing money.

The cost of downtime is measured in recovery time objective (RTO). RTO is the duration of time in which a business must be restored following a disaster in order for that business to continue daily operations. If that objective is not met, a business cannot recover financially.

Let’s be honest, a business continuity plan is not exactly at the top of everyone’s priority list. Maybe it’s not that big of a deal because we can’t foresee disastrous future events, or we think it can’t happen to us.

Here are some things you can do to make sure you are prepared:

Contact your in-house IT department or current IT provider and ask them this question, “What is our business continuity plan?”

Contact your controller or accountant and ask, “How much money are we losing per hour if operations are suspended?”

Knowing the recovery time objective for your business is crucial to creating an effective business continuity plan. Use our online RTO calculator to determine your business’ recovery time objective.


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