Once there was a family owned jewelry store that had been in business for over 20 years. They used a tape backup and thought their critical customer data was secure. On one rainy night, two crafty men wearing masks and dark clothing cut a large hole in the top of the jewelry store building. Because they entered the store from the top of the building, they were able to keep the alarm system from triggering. The men stole just enough valuables in the store allowing them to hoist themselves back up through the hole in the ceiling.

Even more valuable than the jewelry, the two thief’s took the hard drives from the server and also the tape back-ups. When the owners arrived the next day they were in utter disbelief with what took place in their store. When they realized their data was gone, they immediately contacted a local IT provider to help restore any data they could. The IT company came to perform an assessment and informed the jewelry store that all of their data was gone and non-recoverable. Not only did the owner lose valuable assets such as jewelry, but they also lost their entire client database. The client database included all financial information, serial numbers, and addresses. Unfortunately, there was no way for the store to stay in business after the incident and they had to close their doors forever.

This is a very unfortunate TRUE story, and I wanted to share this with you because it provides realness as to why it is so important to be prepared when tragedy strikes. Thankfully this was not our client, but this story paints a picture for business owners who are not properly prepared.

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