According to the latest industry figures, Lenovo has become the number one PC supplier in the world. This is no fluke! Lenovo has steadily been growing in the PC market over the last few years. Edging out companies like Dell and HP, Lenovo is using creativity and innovation to build fast, efficient and powerful workstations.

Lenovo support has been top notch for us. We've utilized help-desk and top tier support, finding that at all levels the support is superb. Not only is support fast and efficient, it’s domestic as well. With the call center primarily based in Atlanta, Georgia, communication is never a problem.

Speaking of domestic, did you know Lenovo products are manufactured right here in North America? That’scomputer right, Lenovo headquarters in Morrisville, North Carolina is focused on providing global operations to its customers. Lenovo has been a major player in pioneering new products and technologies to the market. With the acquisition of the IBM System X and Motorola, who have long time roots in R&D and ingenuity, you will see some very impressive new products rolling out.

The new 11e line laptops have taken rugged workstations to the max.  These Educational series workstations are perfect for students. They are reinforced to withstand the rigorous environments associated with schools.

It may also come as a shock, but Lenovo smart phones are the number three smart phone provider in the world. They are the largest smart phone vendor in China, holding 13% of the market share. While not currently available in North America, keep an eye out for Lenovo smart phones to start hitting shelves in the future.

For these reasons, Lenovo personal computers is our “go to” choice. Want to know more about Preferred IT Group and our outsourse IT services?

It isn't too late to get that special gift for someone this holiday season!