Black Friday, the time of year where Holiday cheer is thrown out the window and shoppers have one thing on their mind, a bargain. Black Friday has become a game for shoppers, to research, plan and develop their own strategic “treasure map”. Many of you brave souls possibly have your survival gear ready and are prepared to wait in line for hours for “door busters” and the best deals.  So for you diehard traditionalists still searching for that one mind blowing gift, then you have found the right blog. With much research, here are the top five gadgets to own this holiday season.


1. Panono: Panoramic Ball Camera - Have you ever heard of a panoramic camera ball that you throw in the air? This camera will automatically trigger at its highest point, which gives you the perfect panoramic shot. The great thing about this is you have options so you can also hold the camera in your hand and use it manually by pressing the button or remotely via the Panono application. 


2. Samsung Curved 4K Ultra HD TV - This innovative curved screen creates a panoramic effect that helps the picture feel bigger and gives everyone watching the best seat in the house.

3. GoPro - HERO4 Black 4K Action Camera - Capture amazing 4K footage in extreme settings. Features a standard waterproof covering to record in up to 131’ of water. This is the perfect product for the extremist in your family!

4. Goji Smart Lock - Take pictures of visitors at your door and automatically send real-time picture alerts to your smartphone with the Goji. All lock activity is recorded and saved by the system, plus there is a Goji mobile application that you can access from your smartphone. Give anyone access to your home easily and securely with your smartphone. You can also choose specific days and times when the recipient can enter. You will definitely feel safe with this gadget!

5. Nest Thermostat/ Nest Protect – The Nest thermostat programs itself and knows what temperature you like. It also helps save energy when your away and can be controlled on your smartphone, tablet or computer. The Nest Protect is a reinvented fire and carbon monoxide alarm. It will speak and alarm you of what the problem is and where it is. It will also message your phone if it goes off or if the batteries are running low.

So there you have it, my top 5 gadgets to own this season. I wish you luck my Black Friday shoppers, and hope you find every bargain you sought out for! If you have used these products or are interested in purchasing one this year please feel free to comment below and help your fellow shoppers!

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