Hiring a full-time IT professional is downright expensive. Computer desk, telephone extension, payroll account and benefits are why most companies don’t even consider it an option. IT support training is costly, these days to stay current with the vastly changing technology world your staff will need to endure constant training and take exams regularly. What will happen if your IT person is sick or taking time off for the holidays? It’s possible that you may have to contact someone to be on call during this time period for emergencies. As I mentioned before it is unlikely that one IT professional will be able to provide expertise for all of your technology needs. Sure they can fix the printer, security issues and upgrade the exchange server, but most likely they are limited on what they can fix.

When you outsource your IT, you are guaranteed a staff with a wide range of expertise and qualifications. For a third of the cost of a full time IT person. There are no sick days or holiday time when you hire a Managed Service Provider also known as MSPs. Not only will someone always be on hand, but outsourcing will allow the old IT person to be able to focus on their work. Outsourcing your IT is like a one stop shop for your entire technology infrastructure. By choosing to outsource your IT you will not only decrease costs, but will find peace of mind knowing your IT support is under control. To help with your research when choosing an IT provider, research these five important questions before making your final decision…

  1. Does the Managed Service Provider have a proactive approach? Choose a company that focuses on prevention rather than simply fixing the issue.
  2. Do you know the companies skill level? Research the skill level and if they go above and beyond system maintenance and management. Look for a provider that works with cloud technologies, databases, virtualization and security.
  3. Will there be an engineer available 24 hours? Things can go wrong at any hour so it’s relieving to always have emergency backup. Also, develop an emergency plan with your reseller. Know in advance what you can count on in an emergency.
  4. Have you referenced the company’s past and current clients? Speaking with clients is the best way to get the truth about the company’s level of skill, pricing and other questions you may have.
  1. How much technical equipment does my system require? Make sure the company will take the time to completely understand your business, budget and expectations to deliver what you want instead of what you think you need.


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