If you’re a business owner wanting to accept credit cards online, there are certain security standards you need to meet. These standards are known as PCI DSS, also known as Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. Its purpose is to make credit card transactions between merchants and users more secure. In order to be PCI compliant, companies must use a firewall between the wireless network and their cardholder.

Who is required to use PCI? PCI is a must for all merchants that accept credit cards, online or offline. Not only will you feel secure, but being compliant will improve your reputation with business partners that are important to your success. It is essential for your customers to feel secure knowing they can trust you with every transaction they make.

Failure to comply can have serious long-term negative consequences. Some of these consequences can lead to lawsuits, insurance claims, cancelled accounts and government fines. When you stay compliant, you are becoming part of the solution to fighting credit card security. If you are unsure if you are compliant, call your local IT provider.