Social media is the perfect opportunity to add flare to your business and most importantly, make networking a breeze. Free marketing is the most common reason that businesses use social media, but it’s still surprising how many companies aren’t taking advantage. As I go through the different benefits of effectively utilizing social media in the workplace, don’t feel overwhelmed. Figure out which social network you are most comfortable with and expand when you are ready.


First, it is important that whoever is in charge of updating the social media pages, correctly delivers the branding message of the company’s focus. Social media gives businesses direct access to both current and potential customers. Be loyal to your customers by following their social networks, don’t be afraid to retweet or like what they post. As a business you have the ability to offer deals to those that like your page, and also run various contests on Facebook and Twitter. Have fun with it, come up with new ideas or check out what the competition is posting! To create more buzz, encourage employees to share important company announcements on their personal page. The party doesn’t stop there, networking plays a huge role in today’s society and social media has something great to offer.

There are multiple ways to build customer interactions by networking with LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has become such a huge resource for businesses to network with each other and also interact with customers. Find groups discussing topics of your interests, or create your own with customers and prospects. Start your journey with social media and decrease your company’s marketing funds. Ask yourself: How can social media help market my business?