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  • Internet of Things at Home: Smart Home Automation

    Work smarter, not harder. Smart home automation is becoming more and more popular. With home automation, you are able to control your home’s light, heating, security, and other appliances through one central gateway (typically called a ‘hub’). You can monitor and interact with this hub through a device like a wall-mounted tablet or smart phone. Home automation can be expensive, but you don’t have to take the full plunge just yet. Here are a few products that can help you take those first few baby steps.

  • The Future of Urbanization

    The world is getting smarter and smarter, and people are using that knowledge to make their lives easier. While the Internet of Things is still in its infancy when it comes to its potential, the future of urbanization is on its way. Right now, we are using the Internet of Things to simplify our life. Devices like the FitBit monitor our health and fitness. Uber gives us a ride when we need one. Mr. Coffee lets us brew a cup of coffee from anywhere.  We connect with all of these products via our smartphones, and once they’ve been integrated into our lives, it’s a hassle to function without them.

  • What is The Internet of Things?

    Even if you haven’t heard the phrase “Internet of Things”, you have seen the effects of it—or you will very soon. Daniel Burrus of Burrus Research claims that “of all the technology trends that are taking place right now, perhaps the biggest one is the Internet of Things; it’s the one that’s going to give us the most disruption as well as the most opportunity over the next five years”.  

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