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With Preferred Care, our proactive IT maintenance plan, our team monitors and manages your network 24/7, providing real-time maintenance and help desk support.  When you outsourse IT, you receive a team of engineers rather than a single employee waiting for issues to occur.

Compare and Contrast In-House and Outsourced IT

Preferred Disaster Recovery

Your organization's data is the culmination of your entire staff's work over the years. The cost of restoring data on a malfunctioning hard drive is astronomical, and never guaranteed

Compare and Contrast Traditional Backup with Intelligent Business Continuity

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  • Microsoft Windows comes equipped with hundreds of keyboard shortcuts which can simplify your life. These shortcuts are created by pressing two or more keys on your keyboard at once. With practice, using these shortcuts will become second nature. Even though Windows has so many shortcuts, not all of them are viable for daily use. You can see the entire list here, but we’ve compiled the best ones below.

  • We've all got one: a smart phone or tablet, so why not use it to help you with your day to day business as well as keeping up with your social media? We've compiled a list below of our favorite business apps that we use to keep us efficient and updated. 

  • “Cloud” is, without a doubt, a vague and often confusing buzzword. It’s tossed around so regularly now that many people haven’t had the chance to learn what it actually means. In fact, the convenience of it all makes it easy to stay ignorant to the inner workings of the cloud. As long as you can access your emails from home, work, and your cell phone, do you really spend much time thinking about why you have that capability?

What Our Clients Say

Clint did a great job! He will fit in nicely with your skilled staff! Thank you Preferred!
Janelle Guin - Christopher Myers & Associates
Thank you guys for working with us so well over these past couple of years it has been a real pleasure. Just wanted to let you know and...
Jess Michael
Clint was very polite, professional and friendly, he was very helpful with other problems we were having, I have been very disappointed...
Jim Kiester
“When my network went down and my IT support was no longer available, Preferred IT Group ‘s team responded within two hours of call...
Misty Harrison

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