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With Preferred Care, our proactive IT maintenance plan, our team monitors and manages your network 24/7, providing real-time maintenance and help desk support.  When you outsourse IT, you receive a team of engineers rather than a single employee waiting for issues to occur.

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Your organization's data is the culmination of your entire staff's work over the years. The cost of restoring data on a malfunctioning hard drive is astronomical, and never guaranteed

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  • In our last blog post, we covered reactive IT services and how they function. While reactive IT support is sometimes necessary, many managed service providers have switched over to a more proactive style. If reactive service providers are like firefighters, coming in to save the day during an emergency, proactive service providers are like security guards: preventing emergencies from even happening.

  • When there’s an emergency, your IT company can often feel like your own personal hero. The traditional IT service model (or break/fix) could be likened to your local fire department. Like firefighters, IT technicians under this old service type would show up when you need them most—during an emergency. They would typically solve the immediate problem, but may not search for or detect an underlying issue if it wasn’t automatically apparent. Still, they put out the fire and save your business from the current and most pressing issue. This approach to IT is sometimes a necessity—after all, technology can often be unpredictable, and emergencies do happen. However, a business model based on such uncertainty just isn’t practical.

  • Sometimes, your computer just stops working: an application is slow or fails altogether, your computer is taking ages to respond to simple commands, or it’s just doing weird things you’ve never seen before. When something like this happens, it’s best to reboot the computer. Like we talked about in our 5 Things You Can Do Before You Call Your IT Company post, rebooting can be the simplest solution to your problem.

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Clint was very polite, professional and friendly, he was very helpful with other problems we were having, I have been very disappointed...
Jim Kiester
“When my network went down and my IT support was no longer available, Preferred IT Group ‘s team responded within two hours of call...
Misty Harrison
Preferred IT provides a level of support that is hard to find in today’s society.
Hallie Grant
Clint did a great job! He will fit in nicely with your skilled staff! Thank you Preferred!
Janelle Guin - Christopher Myers & Associates

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