Thursday September 18 , 2014

What Our Clients Say

Preferred IT provides a level of support that is hard to find in today’s society.
Hallie Grant
Thank you guys for working with us so well over these past couple of years it has been a real pleasure. Just wanted to let you know and...
Jess Michael
Clint was very polite, professional and friendly, he was very helpful with other problems we were having, I have been very disappointed...
Jim Kiester
“When my network went down and my IT support was no longer available, Preferred IT Group ‘s team responded within two hours of call...
Misty Harrison

Security Risk Awareness

How ironclad is your organizations' security?  Often overlooked, security issues can cause major problems down the road.  Sleep well at night by following a few simple best practices, and let us help you lock down any lose ends.

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Preferred Care

Stop worrying about your IT with Preferred Care, our proactive IT maintenance plan.  Our team monitors and manages your network 24/7, providing real-time maintenance and help desk support.  Preferred Care changes the way our clients think about IT, providing more value with no surprises.

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Preferred Backup - 24/7 Secure Data Backup Solutions

Preferred Backup and Business Continuity

How secure is your data?

There are two types of hard drives - those that have failed and those that will fail.  The only question is when.  Is your organization taking the proper precautions to ensure your data is backed up?  Proper backup procedures are the single most important IT practice that all organizations need to practice.  With Preferred Backup, you can sleep well at night knowing all of your data is continuously archived, redundant, and ready to restore at a moment's notice.


Northern Indiana's Trusted Name in IT for Small Business

Welcome to Preferred IT Group.  We partner with small and medium sized businesses in and around Northern Indiana, providing technology solutions ranging from computer support to IT security management.  Our goals are to eliminate downtime, increase your staff productivity, and ensure that your technology infrastructure is running smoothly and cost-effectively.  We provide many services you'd expect a large-scale corporate entity to enjoy, but we bundle them all into a simple, easy to budget flat rate at a cost intended for small businesses.

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Ask Yourself

Is your valuable data backed up?

  • Do you do daily backups?
  • Do you rotate tapes or keep rotational backups?
  • Do you take at least one tape or copy of your backup off site at least once a week?
  • The biggest question - Have you tested a restore?

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IT Management

Remote Support
Remote Access

Security Assessments
Anti Virus & Spyware

Spam Filtering
Content Filtering
Backup and Disaster Recovery

IBM and Lenovo
Trend Micro
MultiTech Systems



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